About us

Company’s Vision

“Providing high quality products that meet international standards to our customers”


We started as a small personal business. Then we intended to develop the working process and to support our vision “providing high quality products that meet international standard to our customers”. Therefore TA-PETCH GROUP Corporation was officially established with the major purpose of cleanliness in production of rock sugar and palm sugar.

Our company has been growing gradually through many economic crises. However, we never stop improving our work in order to deliver the highest customer satisfaction.


Rock sugar factory was established on an area of 400 square meters. Working spaces and funds were limited, resulting in small production rate.


Factory was expanded to deal with the increasing in demand. To ensure consistency in quality, rock sugar were then produced under the ‘Diamond’ brand.


Machineries were brought in the production line to enhance the quality of products.


Company was affected by major economic crisis (Tom Yum Kung crisis).


The market was in short supply of granulated sugar. The government introduced regulations on the amount of sugar purchased by a corporate company. The brand ‘Diamond’ eventually was registered as ‘TA-PETCH CO., LTD.’ Machineries were upgraded to further improve the quality of products for international markets.


We began exporting products to other countries in Asia.


Our products got the Halal approval from THE CENTRAL ISLAMIC COUNCIL OF THAILAND.


We filed a request of approval to FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) in order to meet the international standard.


Our company collaborated with MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY (NONTHABURI), taking college students and instructors from various universities to participate in the research and development of organization and goods.


Due to the situation of covid-19, we were short of labour and facing the economic recession.

From the beginning, delivering high quality products has always been our goal, while we also attended to create the better society by frequently participating in social service events.

Quality Assurance

The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT)

Food and Drug Administration

Primary GMP

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co.,Ltd. (OMIC)